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Benelli front sight thread size

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Benelli Front Sight

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Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Mar 15, Messages: 2, Location: Wisconsin. I would like to replace the front and center beads on my Beretta Could anyone tell me what thread size I would need for these 2 beads? Remove Advertisement. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: The mid bead threads measure 2.

On the other hand I bought a 2. It could be that it had been tapped out in years gone by. The thread for the front size is NOT It's close, but will loosen on you.

benelli front sight thread size

Use the proper size. I was told the could be used in place of the 2. My thought is I can't find a 2. I have been looking on Midway's website and it appears the is a common size and they have the white beads that I am looking for.

Also, they list the together with the 2. However, they don't list any such size as a 2. Thanks again. I did exactly what you're talking about. Because the is a smaller size the threads on the bead didn't fully seat in the tapped hole in the barrel. When I tightened it, the threads in the barrel stripped.Moderator: shotgunworld.

Replacing a Shotgun Bead - Shooting USA

Benelli Nova front bead? Posted: Wed Apr 27, pm. Has anybody removed the bead from a Nova? Are they threaded and screwed in? My front bead on my Nova is too big and would like to replace it with a smaller bead to bring my shot pattern down.

Reducing the size of the front bead will make no noticeable difference in the height of your pattern. In fact, if it would make a difference, the pattern would rise. Lower the comb and your eye the back sight on a shotgun and the pattern lowers. The front sight is just the opposite. Lower it and the pattern would rise.

If you want the pattern to impact lower, the POI or point of impact, you need to lower the level of your eye relative to the rib. You are probably looking down onto the rib when you fire. If this is the case, let me know and I will explain possible solutions. You could also have bent barrel or inaccurate choke.

Yep, I was just thinking it would rasie my pattern instead. This should bring me down on target? Yep, I was just thinking it would raise my pattern instead.

I hope you are talking about shooting only at stationary targets. Theoretically, a larger front bead would lower the center of the pattern, maybe as much as a couple of inches at 40 yards.

Some shooters get distracted with too much front bead area[me for one].

Shotgun Sight Bead Thread List

I have tried the Hi Viz sights and every time I tried one, it threw me off big time. I have a small dull red sight on my Benelli,but it doesn't effect me at all,as soon as I go to something bigger and brighter my scores go down! Simply can't use them,as I tend to watch the end of the gun not the target. Posted: Thu Apr 28, am. At the moment it is impacting close to 12" high at Going with the higher sitting bead tomorrow, I'll get out my calipers and see what the difference in bead height is and post how it affects the impact.

Thanks for posts. The top of the bead on my Nova is 0. The replacement bead height is 0.By Derek45August 2, in Shotgun - Technical. The general rule is the rear sight is moved in the same direction you wish to move the point of impact. If your shotgun shoots low you need to either raise your rear sight or a shorter front bead. It looks like from the photo that you have some remaining elevation adjustment and can raise the notch in the rear sight.

If you raise the notch in the rear sight it will raise the point of impact on the target. If you raise the rear sight to the max and the point of impact is still low, then you need a shorter front bead.

Opps I meant to say it shoots about 1 foot high with the rear sight in the lowest position. I had the same issue. I deepened the notch a bit with a small round file, and made a spacer to go under a HiViz Comp front fiber optic sight. Since the HiViz comes with an assortment of screws for the common threads, I used the one for the Benelli to hold the riser to the rib, and the to hold the sight to the base. I made the riser out of steel,so I could cold blue it, and used 3M double sided tape for additional mounting stability.

Benny milled in a front sight - like a pistol sight but with a Big FO - into my rib and replaced the factory style sight. I lowered the POI with slugs to on the money I'm sorry for the double post. I've got a new computer and don't have all the old software on it.

The photo is too big for the forum to post. Here is the stock Benelli sight on an M1Super90 looking down the channeling on the receiver. This shoots dead on at 50 yds and with hold over out to yds. When you cut the rib-you lose some of the rib stiffness and throw your aim off even more. If the barrel does not shoot straight and is warrantied-you can send it to Benelli to be straightened.

Ethos Sporting 20 & 28 Ga. & Vinci / Super Vinci 12 Ga. Front Sight, Red

Or straighten it yourself. Why mutilate a perfectly good gun? With the rib and the fiberoptic bead you have more than enough information to aim. It is a clean picture. If you have a parts gun-non-channeled receiver or some combo-you might need something. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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benelli front sight thread size

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun. Benelli Front Sight. Thread Tools. I am looking for a replacement sight for my front sight - the old one is damaged - can I take it off - screw it out - and replace it with one that you guys recommend - if so - recommend a good one and the web site to purchase it?

Thanks - Super Black Eagle. View Public Profile. RE: Benelli Front Sight. Yes it will screw out. I think Tru Glo makes a replacement if I remember correctly. My front sight was damaged on my M2 when I got it, and the guy at the gunshop put a replacement on it for me, so I can't remeember for sure.

Send a private message to Rammer. Find More Posts by Rammer. Bird Dog - I'm not sure, I'll do some checking and see if I can come up with it for ya. Bird Dog - I think this may actually be the sight the gunshop installed right here.

It comes with 3 different shanks for different guns. I also had a damaged sight on my SBE 1. Mine broke off even with the rib. I emailed Benelli and the size of the thread was in millimetes.

I don't remeber the exact size, this was a few years ago. I ended up putting an Easy Hit stick on on the rib. Since then I have put a truglo red dot on and still have the Easy Hit on there for back up. Send a private message to Tuco. Find More Posts by Tuco.

Maine Shooter. Check your manual and you migth see a breakdown or look online and get a parts scematic and just order from benelli. Send a private message to Maine Shooter.Forum Home. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Binelli front bead thre ads. Thread starter dslc Start date Sep 21, I own a Binelli m2 20 gauge and I want to add a taller front sight.

Took middle sight off. Do any of you happen to know the thread size of the front bead sight. I have searched the web but can't seem to find it. Gun shoots about inches high at 40yds and only way I know to raise poi is to raise front site.

Also, how have any of you bebnelli owners addressed this problem. Any help would be appreciated. BriarPatch99 Senior Member Sep 21, Have you adjusted the drop of the stock? I used the shim kit that came with my Benelli 20 ga. Montefeltro to drop the stock. Dropping stock Thank you for your response sir, but dropping the stock will not do any good. I am keeping the ventilated rib flat and level when I shoot and placing the top of the bead right on the bottom of a 6 inch circle in a piece of 4 x 4 sheet of butcher paper.

I am using no middle bead. So, with the vent rib level and using just the bead, it does not matter if the stock is raised or lowered just a tad, it will make no difference. I tried all of the shims that came with the Benelli and finally realized this. Plus got several responses on the internet telling me the same thing. Adjusting the stock will help with shouldering the shotgun, but regardless of where it is shouldered, if I line the barrel up so that the vent rib is level and use the front sight, then it seems to me that the only way to lower my pattern would be to raise my front sight, or either just try and compensate for the difference, or bend the barrel, and I really don't want to do that.

However, I do thank you for your response sir. Also, is there any other way that you or anyone else might see that I can lower my pattern. BriarPatch99 Senior Member Sep 22, Other than bending the barrel or raising the bead I should have asked if you were looking level down the rib Lot of folks don't realize that the eye serves as the rear sight on a shotgun and that by dropping the stock it lowers the eye Find a good gunsmith who is well versed in shotguns Doe Master Banned Sep 22, Are you shooting the gun free standing or off of a rest when trying to pattern it?By davscoDecember 19, in Shotgun - Technical.

Unscrew the factory bead righty tighty, lefty loosey then install your favorite bead with a threaded shank or screw. The Benelli bead is actually a metric size thread, the more common thread size will fit right in the hole in the rib. There's this option too. It sticks on with vhb tape. Just un-screw factory sight and screw in the Hi-Viz.

That is what I did. Make sure to use locktite or something similar, I didn't and the first match the front sight came loose and was just spinning. Lesson learned there for sure. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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Benelli Fiber Optic Front Sight Bead Super Black Eagle II, M1, M2, Montefeltro Red

Posted December 19, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It's threaded. At least my m2 is. Leave in place and install EZ-Hit front sight.

benelli front sight thread size

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